2015 Annual Meeting

SC38-Ten Diagnoses in Breast Pathology You Cannot Afford to Miss

2015 Annual Meeting

Room CC 304, March 27 2015, 1:00pm to 4:30pm

Geza Acs, Gelareh Farshid, Thomas Lawton

Educational Objective


The main goal of this course is to provide the practicing pathologists with a practical approach to the diagnosis and management of challenging but common breast lesions. Emphasis will be placed on common but difficult differential diagnoses with major clinical implications, such as complex sclerosing lesions, solid pattern intraductal proliferations, papillary lesions, variants of lobular carcinoma, spindle cell proliferations, invasive carcinomas with large duct pattern mimicking in situ disease, benign changes in lymph nodes mimicking metastatic carcinoma and primary vs. metastatic lesions in the breast. Using a case based presentation format, actual cases with challenging differential diagnostic issues with the implications of having a major effect on the clinical management of patients will be presented, followed by a discussion of the main pathological and clinical features of the lesions, the differential diagnosis and the appropriate use and limitations of immunohistochemical or other molecular markers. The practical management of the cases will be emphasized and it will be integrated with discussion of the recent literature as it applies to new concepts in the diagnosis and management of patients to form a solid foundation for use in daily surgical pathology practice. This course will be of benefit to general pathologists (academic and/or community based), pathologists with an interest in breast pathology, surgical pathology fellows and residents. Pre-registrants will be able to view advance study material prior to the meeting on the USCAP website. A comprehensive syllabus with representative pictures and a list of current and classic references for each diagnostic issue addressed will be available online prior to the course. After the meeting, our PowerPoint presentations will be provided to be posted on the USCAP Website to course registrants. Upon completion of this educational activity, the participants should be able to:

  1. Discuss practical approaches to the diagnosis and management of common, but challenging breast lesions with serious clinical implications, including the setting of limited material obtained by core needle biopsy;
  2. Discuss the benefits and limitations of immunohistochemistry in the workup of breast lesions; and
  3. Integrate the recent literature to form a solid foundation for use in daily surgical pathology practice as it relates to breast pathology.

Session Credits: CME = 3 / SAMs = N/A


SC Speaker
Speaker: Geza Acs, MD, PhD, Women?s Pathology Consultants, Ruffolo Hooper & Associates, Tampa, FL
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SC Speaker
Speaker: Gelareh Farshid, MBBS, MD, BreastScreen South Australia, & SA Pathology, Adelaide, South Australia
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SC Speaker
Speaker: Thomas Lawton, MD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC
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