USCAP Honors

The President’s Award
2018USCAP Foundation
2017Laura W. Lamps
2016Celeste N. Powers
2015E. Blair Holladay
2014Richard L. Kempson
2013Jean Silva
2012Robin Cooke
2011Fred G. Silva
2010Jeffrey L. Myers
2009Jo Ann Q. Johnson
2008Jack Perry Strong
2007James P. Crimmins
2006USCAP Staff
2005Andrew G. Huvos
2004David F. Hardwick
2003Kamal G. Ishak
2002Ruth Kirschstein & Alan Rabson
2001Ramzi Cotran

This award was established so that each year the President and the Executive Committee would have the opportunity to recognize an individual for outstanding service to the Academy and the field of pathology. The award is conferred at the sole discretion of the President without requirement for it to be given annually. It is presented at  the awards ceremony during the Annual Meeting. The awardee is introduced by the President and receives a commemorative trophy.

Most-Recent Awardee

The USCAP Foundation

Dr. Christopher Fletcher is honoring the USCAP Foundation with the 2018 President’s Award to recognize the outstanding contributions of Dr. Gregory Fuller (Chair), Paul Lewin (Director) and the entire Foundation Committee (Drs. Julia A. Bridge, Mary S. Richardson, Steven C. Smith, Martha Bishop Pitman, Esther Oliva, Celeste N. Powers, Donna E. Hansel, and Yael Heher). The collective energy and empathy of this committed group resulted in measurable outcomes in Innovating Education, Fostering the Next Generation of Pathologists and Promoting Global Health.

USCAP Foundation revolutionizes learning with the Powers-Sanchez Interactive Learning Center and the Linder Learning Center. It cultivates the next generation of pathologists by bringing pathologists-in-training to USCAP’s Annual Meeting and facilitating mentoring relationships. USCAP Foundation invests in the future of pathology. Technology, travel and research grants are available to pathologists from under-resourced countries. Combined with distance learning opportunities, the Foundation promotes gobal health by optimizing patient care through enhanced pathologists’ skills.


Gregory N. Fuller, MD, PhD Chair
Julia A. Bridge, MD
Martha Bishop Pitman, MD
Mary S. Richardson, MD
Steven C. Smith, MD, PhD
Esther Oliva, MD
Donna E. Hansel, MD, PhD
Yael Kushner Heher, MD, MPH, FRCPC
Celeste N. Powers, MD, PhD
Christopher D.M. Fletcher, MD, FRCPath (Ex-Officio)
David John Grignon, MD (Ex-officio) Treasurer
David B. Kaminsky, MD, FIAC (Ex-Officio)
Paul M. Lewin (Chief of Business Development)


Promoting Global Health
Fostering the Next Generation of Pathologists
Innovating Education for Pathologists


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