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Open Mind

Welcome to the USCAP quarterly newsletter, Open Mind! It is designed to keep you abreast of important initiatives within the Academy and offer another forum for information, knowledge exchange and activities that positively impact USCAP and the field of pathology.

  • 2017 Summer - Open Mind

    IAP and USCAP: An Enduring Relationship; The Impact of USCAP Journals; New Member Benefit; ASCP-USCAP Resident Engagement: 2020 Vision; Upcoming Meetings

Previous Issues

  • 2017 Spring - Open Mind

    Message from the President; Annual Meeting 2017 – San Antonio, Texas Recap; Mentoring and Legacy Live in the Heart of USCAP; Social Media Update; USCAP and the American Medical Association; 2020 Vision; USCAP and Virtual Reality; USCAP Member Takes Initiative for Global Outreach

  • 2017 Winter - Open Mind

    106th Annual Meeting: Remember the Alamo and Forget What You Think You Know About San Antonio; New Board Members; The Companion Society Experience at USCAP; Friends Outside North America; USCAP’s Junior Faculty: Leona A. Doyle, M.D.; Hut Lung: A Poignant Portrait, A Year Later; Diagnostic Pathology Update 2017; A USCAP Ambassador’s Philosophy; USCAP’s Social Media Committee

  • 2016 Fall - Open Mind

    Message from the EVP; Education Committee; USCAP On Facebook Live; Ambassador Perspective; 106th Annual Meeting; Vision Piece - USCAP’s Interactive Learning Center; Training Residents in Genomics; 2017 Diagnostic Cytopathology; IAP in Cologne, Save The Date - Upcoming Meetings and Courses

  • 2016 Summer - Open Mind

    Report from the EVP; ICE in the Desert; USCAP eLearning; Member Spotlight: Yaël K. Heher, M.D., MPH, FRCPC; IAC Presents Maurice Goldblatt Award to Dr. David Kaminsky; 2017 Annual Meeting: San Antonio, TX; Going Green; Parity at the Summit; USCAP Representation at PRODs 2016; 2017 USCAP Long Course; USCAP’S Social Media Committee Rocks!

  • 2016 Spring - Open Mind

    Message from the new USCAP President; USCAP Foundation Welcomes Pathologists from Around the World; 2016 Annual Meeting Recap; Dermatopathology in the Desert: Practical Dermatopathology;Miles for Mentors

  • 2016 Winter - Open Mind

    USCAP on the Left Coast; Ambassador: Gerardo Vides Almonacid, M.D., Faculty: Rhonda K. Yantiss, M.D., Diagnostic Cytopathology Recap, Staff: Krista M. Cairns,  USCAP Journals Most Cited: Jason L. Hornick, M.D., Ph.D. & David L. Rimm, M.D., Ph.D.; Arts in Medicine Lecture in Seattle

  • 2015 Fall - Open Mind

    Resident Engagement; USCAP Foundation; Member Spotlight: Jerad M. Gardner, M.D.; Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Wendy Frankel; Smart Network


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