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Strategy — Includes envisioning and planning for the growth of the Academy, e.g., concepts for new educational products, courses, social media.

Outreach — Helping USCAP achieve its strategy of global health through education in underserved areas of the world.

Communications — Developing social media connectivity, creating an Academy buzz.

Ambassadors — Taking outreach responsibility to influence pathologists-in-training to support USCAP.

Membership — Assist in the quest to attract Members for Life.

Foundation — Support the Foundation, including the Canadian Foundation, with gift-giving, fund-raising, grant proposals.

Committees — Activities of the Academy are conducted through committees dedicated to membership, education, finance, publications, awards.

Short Course — Short courses on relevant topics can be proposed to the Education Committee.

Interactive Microscopy Course — Mentoring at a multi headed microscope on specified topics can be proposed to the Education Committee.  

To register and engage in your Academy, download and complete the form below.  Send it, along with your CV to engagement@uscap.org.


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