Finance Committee

Reviews and advises the Board regarding budgets, audits, investment policies and major expenditures.  This committee has liaison responsibilities between operations and governance.

CommitteeTerm Ending
Henry Tazelaar, M.D., Chair2019
John A. Hart, M.D., Treasurer2019
Eyas M. Hattab, M.D., MBA2019
Cain McClary, M.D.2019
Zaibo Li, M.D., Ph.D., MBA2020
Aleodor (Doru) A. Andea, M.D., MBA2021
Ryanne Brown, M.D., MBA2021
Wendy L. Frankel, M.D. (Ex-Officio)
David B. Kaminsky, M.D. (Ex-Officio)
Travis Newman (Director of Finance)
Paul Lewin (Chief of Business Development)


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